My name is Jessi Woofter aka “Mausica”. (A family nickname combining Jessica and the German word for mouse or maus). I am a half German military brat and speak German very badly.

I lived in Germany until I was about 15 years old and then we moved to the States where I have been ever since. We have moved around quite a bit within the States. I currently reside in Knoxville, Tennessee with my husband and cats.

I love making arts and crafts of all kinds and love working in a wide variety of mediums. I am a current member of the Crochet Guild of America and currently working on the Master Crocheter Program.

I got into crocheting after I found some dolls my great-grandmother from Germany had made me as a child. The stuffed dolls always had wonderful memories of her and I love them immensely. I want to pour a little of that love, a dash of geeky influences, and my own creativity into some of the dolls and patterns I make. I hope someone else will have fond memories of their dolls and give them to someone special with lots of love. All of the items listed in my shop are handmade by me.

I work full-time by day and create crochet magic by night. If you have questions about any of my items, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Have a super fabulous day!